Golden Rice can co-exist with organic, conventional varieties

Golden Rice confined field trial at IRRI
via IRRI

Scientists at the International Rice Research Institute, the organization spearheading the development of the genetically modified rice, said their research confirms that Golden Rice can co-exist and grow with minimal risk of cross-pollinating with other types of rice.

Different kinds of rice are already cultivated on neighboring farms and cross-pollination between different strains of rice is rare. Agricultural policies encourage growing different kinds of rice–organic, conventionally-bred, and even other strains of genetically modified rice. For cross-pollination to occur, rice farms would have to be close together and the rice would have to be flowering at the same time–which is very rare.

IRRI also said said that “to further [minimize] the accidental mixing of Golden Rice, if it is approved…we plan to work with rice producers in areas where Golden Rice could be grown to develop guidelines for cultivation, harvest, transport, storage and processing of rice to help keep it separate.”

Golden Rice is genetically modified to produce beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A. In nations where vitamin A deficiency kills or blinds almost 1 million people a year, researchers estimate that one bowl of the GM rice could provide 50% of the daily requirement of vitamin A.

Read the full, original story here: Can Golden Rice and organic rice co-exist?

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