GM Watch attacks Mark Lynas for alleged connections to agriculture giant Monsanto


GM Watch, a prominent anti-GMO organization, has called out Mark Lynas, British journalist and supporter of genetically modified food, for allegedly lying about whether he receives corporate funding. GM Watch claims that while Lynas was speaking in Nigeria about the promises of biotechnology, he criticized environmental group Friends of the Earth for not disclosing whether they are funded by anti-GMO organizations. When Lynas was asked—via Twitter—where he gets his own funding, he replied that he was in Nigeria with the African Agriculture Technology Foundation, a non-profit that facilitates partnerships with companies to provide agriculture technology to farmers, which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

According to GM Watch, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a philanthropic organization that supports biotechnology, has ties to agriculture giant Monsanto. GM Watch also accuses Lynas of lying about when he changed his position from anti-GMO to pro-GMO. In an interview with the Indian Express, Lynas said that his “turnaround” came in early 2013, but GMWatch claims that Lynas was speaking in support of GMOs as far back as 2010.

Read the full, original story here: Mark Lynas is lying again!

  • Tony Davies

    This is another crap story Gates foundation does a lot of real good work (far more than all the NGOs put together. They work with African country scientists through the AATF. They do good work. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. You need to grow up and do something useful

  • Tony Davies

    Typically anyone who is pro-GM must be corrupt and evil. Maybe the anti-GMO people are the evil ones. They deny food to starving people. They support organic food that actually has killed people. I wonder if any of them have a molecule of scientific education to understand their diatribe of nonsense they constantly repeat over and over. They quote each other’s quotes as facts. They quote scientists who have been rejected by nearly all of their peers. They disregard the scientific panels in over 50 countries who have worked hard to see if these crops are safe and they have concluded they are. These are probably the same people who think vaccines are evil. It really does show that the human mind has not changed in 100,000 years. We can be as stupid as they were then.

  • Tony Davies

    Ist ironic that this is on a blogg Genetic literacy -really ! Do they believe in creationism………….dare I say it ……God help us from these idiots