DNA Ahead: tour the science of genetics by playing a board game

DNA Ahead, an educational board-game kit, helps players learn how DNA and advances in DNA science affect nearly every aspect of your life: the foods you eat; medical diagnoses & treatments; choices associated with reproduction; crime detection & courtroom evidence; as well as the availability of DNA-based information about your relationship to other species, your family ancestry, your genetic predispositions to diseases & other traits — and the role of DNA in making you you.

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Infographic: How dangerous COVID mutant strains develop

Infographic: How dangerous COVID mutant strains develop

Sometime in 2019, probably in China, SARS CoV-2 figured out a way to interact with a specific "spike" on the ...

Philip Njemanze: Leading African anti-GMO activist claims Gates Foundation destroying Nigeria

Nigerian anti-GMO activist, physician, and inventor pushes anti-gay and anti-GMO ...
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