Reflections from mom whose baby was stillborn on wh 23andMe and other DTC services are so critical

Geneticist Anastasia Bodnar, whose daughter was stillborn earlier this year, reflects on the brouhaha surrounding the personal genomics company 23andMe.

It was important to me to get some basic genetic data about my partner and myself before we started trying to have kids, she writes. I wanted to know if either of us were carriers for any particularly bad genetic conditions (or worse if both of us were carriers for the same disease). Having this info wouldn’t stop us from wanting to have kids, but the information can be informative.

For me, 23andMe data was an important educational tool that helped me to get more information than I would have had without it. Taking this option away (through whatever means, banning or bankrupting or other) from me as a prospective parent would be a major loss.

Read the full, original story: 46andbaby

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