‘Mommy blogs’ and parenting sites take over the fight against GMOs

Radical environmental groups initially led the charge against genetically modified food, but today, some of the most vocal and influential activists against GMOs are ‘mommy blogs’ and parenting, cooking and “health-and-wellness” websites. Activists know that to get women on board with their cause, they must bombard women with emotionally-charged messages–that are largely false information.

Now these so called ‘mommy blogs’ and other sites are propagating myths about GMOs—saying that they cause allergies, autism, or even cancer. Studies like the Italian review that looked at over 1,700 studies and concluded that there is no evidence that GMOs cause harm to humans are ignored by activists.

“Moms aren’t hearing the whole story” and should be aware of the enormous costs of anti-GMO activism—specifically activism for mandatory GMO labeling, which would “harm the very businesses many of the anti-GMO activists claim to defend: the small farmer and upstart food producer.”

The food and biotech industry should take notice that, rather than just reacting to misleading information from radical environmentalist groups, they need to do a better job of explaining to moms about the safety of GMOs.


Read the full, original story: Biotech’s Mommy Issue

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