Resurrected 700 year-old water flea eggs show human impacts on evolution

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Image via New York Times. Credit: Dagmar Frisch

Imagine you’re a looking for a place to shoot a monster movie. The plot involves animals kept in suspended animation for seven centuries springing back to life. Chances are you wouldn’t pick South Center Lake for your location. The charming 898-acre lake sits on the outskirts of the small town of Lindstrom, Minnesota, known as America’s Little Sweden. Gothic it’s not.

But in real life, South Center Lake has become the setting for a remarkable resurrection. Scientists have revived shrimp-like animals that have been buried at the bottom of the lake for an estimated 700 years. If this estimate holds up to further testing, they are the oldest animals ever resurrected.

Read the full, original story: A Living Time Capsule Shows the Human Mark on Evolution

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