Minnesota farmer on why it’s okay to feed your family GMOs

It may seem like “GMO free” label indicates the food is better than those without the label, but that can’t be further from the truth. Nutritionally, they are identical. Moms need to be smart consumers and not fall for “food fear” marketing tactics. And all too often, consumers end up paying more for the “GMO free”. Remember the “follow the money” adage? That’s exactly what this is about. It’s about the money. In regards to the General Mills Cheerios decision-the old and new Cheerios are the same. Oats are the main ingredient in Cheerios and oats are not Genetically Engineered. The little bit of sugar used for taste is highly processed, which means it contains no DNA, therefore cannot be genetically engineered. Do you see where this is going? Let’s be smart, moms. Let’s do our research and not fall into “food fear” marketing campaigns. These companies know exactly what they are doing and it means big dollars ($) for these companies.

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