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Amish farmers embrace biotechnology, plant GE corn and tobacco

| July 7, 2014

It seems the Amish have turned the tables on conventional wisdom. Most consumers are very pro-technology and innovation when it comes to things like cell phones, TVs, and cars, but are often technology-averse when it comes to agriculture. It seems that at least some of the Amish hold exactly the opposite position.

There is a deep irony in the fact that the Amish farm is something many people idealize – small, family-run operations – that uses a technology that frightens many consumers. In part it reveals the disconnect between romanticized images of farm life and the reality of the choices made by the flesh-and-blood people who work there.

Sure enough, a quick internet search turned up story after story after story revealing that many Amish farmers indeed plant genetically engineered corn or tobacco. It seems that the at least some of the Amish are more technologically progressive than I gave them credit for.  In fact, in this one dimension, they are more technologically progressive than many Americans.

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