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‘Pseudo-science nonsense’ about GMOs designed to scare, not educate

The internet is full of false information about GM crops and derived food. The untrained observer (or scientist trained in another discipline) is unable to differentiate between the real science of GMOs and the prolific pseudo-science that is designed to scare, not educate.

With conventional breeding (radiation or chemical mutagenesis or crosses), the DNA of the plant is changed in hundreds to thousands of places and completely random. Those changes are never analyzed or characterized. With GE crops, the exact DNA sequence of the change is known. Its exact location in the genome is known. The exact effects (if any) on surrounding genes are known. The engineered protein is analyzed for allergenicity. Animal feeding studies ensure no toxic substances are generated in the new GE crop.

To suggest the testing procedures do not demonstrate “substantial equivalence” demonstrates a clear lack of knowledge in this area. I would ask any critic of GE crops, “What tests not already done would you like to see added, and why?”

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