Organic foods 4 to 8 times more likely to be recalled, regulators on the sidelines


Every day millions of shoppers are paying out as much as 50 or 100 percent more to buy organic foods for themselves and their families. I have friends who make these choices because they have no reason to question claims on labels, in advertising and on social media that organic foods are safer, healthier and more nutritious.

One thing they will not read on any label is a new finding from Academics Review, a group of scientists dedicated to testing popular claims against peer-reviewed science.

The scientists’ conclusion based on U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported recall information: Organic foods are four to eight times more likely to be recalled than conventional foods for safety issues like bacterial contamination. Nor will consumers see anywhere a reference to the body of peer-reviewed research finding that organic foods are no more nutritious than foods produced by conventional agriculture.

USDA’s research shows that more than 70 percent of consumers are likely to believe a food is safer, more nutritious or of higher quality if it bears the organic label. In fact, all the label signifies is that a given food has been grown, handled and processed without many of the modern techniques of conventional agriculture.

The label does not even mean that a certain food was grown without pesticides. Organic foods are routinely produced with certain kinds of “organic” pesticides. Meanwhile, organic recalls due to bacterial contamination are ballooning along with the expanding market for organic food.

In short, the federal government is strict about science, labeling and claims for all industries except one. The marketers of organic food are allowed to make scientifically false and misleading claims about the safety and wholesomeness of conventional food, while their products are increasingly likely to be recalled for safety reasons.

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Consumers are misled about organic safety

  • Beef

    All things containing carbon are organic you ass!

  • Beef

    All foods are technically organic!

  • Doug

    The only benefits of organic food are the flavor (due to varieties, not growing methods), and a sense of comfort for those that believe in them and can afford to spend extra money on them. In fact I think a lot of people buy organic foods because they can afford them, and want to flaunt that wealth as a status symbol!
    Organics are to food, as Prius (or any pricey electric/hybrid/smart car) is to automobile!

    • Eric Bjerregaard

      There is the recycling of organic waste.