Coffee grounds turned biofuel can heat your home

coffee grounds being used for producing biodiesel

Coffee grounds. Despite the luscious dark liquid they deliver, they’re really just another form of waste matter. Some may compost it, some may send it to the landfill, some may garden with it, and who knows, maybe your favorite coffee shop does some good with it.

But London-based entrepreneur Arthur Kay recently won £400,000 for his eco-endeavors by using a patented method to turn coffee grounds into “Advanced Biofuels,” which can be used to heat buildings and power transportation. His company, Bio Bean, collects used grounds from cafes and coffee factories and processes the waste into biodiesel to run transportation and biomass pellets to be sold to London’s businesses.

Bio Bean was designed with multiple global benefits in mind, the foremost being a source of clean, renewable energy that is affordable and easily accessible. Furthermore, by converting waste matter into a commodity, Bio Bean diverts from the landfill 30,000 of London’s 200,000 tons of coffee grounds produced each year.

By using something that is already a waste product of another commercially sold item, Kay avoids many of the pitfalls associated with other biofuel sources. By harvesting energy from something that might otherwise be thrown away, Bio Bean is taking clean energy a step further. Now all they have to do is expand like the wind.

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