Computer scientist, holistic nutritionist claim GMOs, glyphosate cause concussions

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MIT computer scientist and outspoken anti-GMO critic Stephanie Seneff has published a paper claiming that glyphosate, GMOs, and other lifestyle factors are responsible for the recent increase in concussions. Her co-author on the paper is Wendy Morely, who is a “Registered Holistic Nutritionist” specializing in the nutrition of concussion. Neither author has any neuroscience background.

The authors propose the existence of, “Diminished brain resilience syndrome.” They argue that concussions are on the increase because the general population has poor nutrition and increased exposure to toxins (specifically glyphosate and GMOs) which render the brain less resilient.

They have many references, but none establish their central thesis. A linchpin of the author’s claims is that glyphosate has a negative effect on the beneficial bacteria in our guts. They link to one paper, which is an in vitro study of chicken microbiota.

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As Seneff and Morely point out (but only to dismiss) – there is increased recognition that concussion, especially multiple mild concussions, are a serious neurological issue. Increased awareness and a markedly reduced threshold is most likely driving the increase in concussion diagnoses. There is absolutely no data to suggest that the population is more susceptible to neurological injury – there is no evidence for the alleged “diminished brain resilience syndrome.”

At present this proposal is nothing but speculation and utter nonsense apparently designed to drive business to holistic nutritionists and scaremonger about glyphosate and GMOs.

Read full, original post:  Seneff Claims GMOs Cause Concussions

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