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Probiotics can’t help with most gastrointestinal issues, new guidelines say

Scott Gavura | 
If the gastrointestinal tract is a rainforest, then can oral doses of “good” bacteria provide meaningful health benefits? … The ...
Have we done enough to prevent a second wave of COVID-19 infections?

Have we done enough to prevent a second wave of COVID-19 infections?

Steven Novella | 
As we are seeing the beginning of the end of the first wave of COVID-19, the burning question is – ...

‘Nothingburger of a paper’ and why we still don’t know if anti-malarial drugs work against the coronavirus

David Gorski | 
Last week, I wrote about an experimental treatment for COVID-19 that repurposes old drugs. One version of the treatment uses ...
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Vaccines, glyphosate weedkiller cause obesity? Dr. David Gorski debunks new round of ‘bogus’ health claims

David Gorski | 
Those of us who have been following the antivaccine movement and the sorts of claims that its members [make] are ...
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Viewpoint: Coronavirus fears spark claims of ‘bogus remedies’ from alternative medicine peddlers

Harriet Hall | 
The news is full of alarming reports about the new coronavirus that originated in China and is spreading throughout the ...
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Aging as a preventable disease: Why living to 100 should be easy

Harriet Hall | 
Science is investigating some intriguing clues suggesting that aging and death may not be as inevitable as we thought. David ...

Viewpoint: ‘Denouncing’ HBO, Bill Maher for helping Dr. Jay Gordon spread vaccine misinformation

David Gorski | 
Dr. Jay Gordon (who usually likes to be called “Dr. Jay”) and I go back a long time, ever since I ...
acupuncture on wrist

Alternative treatments for opioid addiction? Florida doctors forced to endorse chiropractic, acupuncture, massage

Jann Bellamy | 
Billed as an effort to combat the opioid crisis, a new Florida law requires physicians and other healthcare practitioners to endorse ...
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Should your dog eat ‘paleo’ kibble? How misleading pet food labels fool consumers

Greg Bishop | 
Zealotry about pet food is every bit as self-satisfied as a Food Babe mantra. Since food is the new religion, ...

Viewpoint: Evidence for CBD oil as a miracle cure-all ‘isn’t impressive at all’

Scott Gavura | 
Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is everywhere and seemingly in everything these days. It’s touted as a panacea for a massive range ...
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Neurologist Steven Novella: Here’s what latest science says about glyphosate-cancer link

Steven Novella | 
Glyphosate has been in the news recently because of the recent court case in which a jury awarded DeWayne Johnson ...

A breakthrough cure for cancer? Beware the hype

Steven Novella | 
There is a good rule of thumb – whenever a headline asks a question, especially a provocative question, the answer ...

Is there any evidence to support ‘leaky brain’ theories?

Harriet Hall | 
Three years ago Mark Crislip wrote about leaky gut syndrome for SBM. He said, “because of an almost complete lack of supporting basic ...

Viewpoint: ‘Indigenous Ways of Knowing’ fad threatens to undermine rigorous medical science

David Gorski | 
[There is one form of] special pleading that is gaining some currency, and that’s basically carving out an exception to ...

Preventing Alzheimer’s: Is Lisa Mosconi’s ‘brain food’ diet anything more than pseudoscience?

Harriet Hall | 
Lisa Mosconi has a web and media presence and a book Brain Food: The Surprising Science of Eating for Cognitive Power ...

Should we fear all of these ‘toxins’ alternative medicine warns us about?

Scott Gavura | 
“Detox diets” and “detox kits” are dietary interventions that are claimed to support or promote the elimination of toxins. They ...
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David Gorski: Rigvir ‘virotherapy’ another unproven alternative medicine cancer therapy

David Gorski | 
[Editor's note: Dr. David Gorski, MD, PhD, FACS is a surgical oncologist at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.] [Cancer ...
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Viewpoint: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop has gone from amusing pseudoscience to dangerous quackery

David Gorski | 
Gwyneth Paltrow’s beauty/health/wellness website and online store [has been] in the news a fair amount [recently]. The reason is that...every ...
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Medical marijuana miracle? It’s unlikely cannabis oil saved boy with 2 cancers

David Gorski | 
[Editor's note: David Gorski, a surgical oncologist at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute responds to claims in a forthcoming ...