Neurologist Steven Novella: Here’s what latest science says about glyphosate-cancer link

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Glyphosate has been in the news recently because of the recent court case in which a jury awarded DeWayne Johnson $289 million dollars from Monsanto for glyphosate allegedly causing his lymphoma.

I….wrote about the science behind glyphosate in 2014. There have been some significant studies since then, so in light of the recent attention the herbicide is getting, and update is warranted.

There are two basic safety issues with glyphosate – exposure in the general population, mostly from consuming food that was grown using glyphosate, and agricultural exposure. The first question is easier to answer….The level of exposure for the general public, even with the increased agricultural use in the last 20 years, is well below safety limits.

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There have been studies that show a small association between agricultural exposure to glyphosate and NHL (Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma). This association shows up in a recent meta-analysis, but only for the highest exposure group.

[T]here may be a small correlation between the highest levels of agricultural exposure of glyphosate and some types of lymphoma, but the existing evidence is not of sufficient quality and consistency for a final determination.

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