Regenerative Organic Agriculture claims to ‘heal nature’, ‘give life deeper meaning’

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My Father, Robert Rodale, believed nature heals itself, just as our bodies inherently attempt to heal themselves when wounded. We needed, he thought, to get nature on our team to make organic agriculture reach its true power.

A lot of people thought he was crazy. But some thought he was onto something.

While my father was still alive, I was working with him on sketching out the philosophy of regeneration. We applied the idea not just to agriculture, but to communities, personal health, and spirituality, as well. Together, we created a document called The Seven Tendencies of Regeneration.

  1. Pluralism: Increase in plant diversity; increase in openness to new experiences
  2. Protection: More surface cover of plants, beneficial microbes. Improved ability to withstand personal crisis, immune system boost.
  3. Purity: Less pesticide and fertilizers, more biomass. Fewer bad habits, more potential for happiness.
  4. Permanence: More perennials and developed root systems. positive spiritual behaviors take root, provided deeper meaning
  5. Peace: Weed and pest interference decreased. Negative emotions replaced by tolerance, compassion, understanding.
  6. Potential: Nutrients move upward in soil profile, become more available. Positive personal qualities are easier to access and effect more people in community.
  7. Progress: Soil structure improves. Capacity for well-being and enjoyment increases.
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