Taiwanese ban on GMOs in school lunches increases costs, decreases nutrition

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Cities and counties have had mixed reactions after the Legislature passed amendments to the School Health Act [in December] that ban the use of genetically modified food ingredients or processed food with such ingredients in school meals.

The ban will be implemented in February at the earliest. The Ministry of Education has estimated that after the ban, the cost of each meal will be increased by between NT$2 and NT$5.

The New Taipei Education Department said that it has allowed the parents of the students to choose options through questionnaires.

The results showed that 245 schools chose not adjust the school meal fees, while 33 schools decided to adjust the fee by between NT$2 and NT$5, and another 19 schools decided to cut the number of days fruit would be provided.

. . . .

Taoyuan City’s Education Department said the financial situation of the city is the best among the six municipalities, and it will foot the bill for the NT$5 hike to use non-genetically modified ingredients in school meals.

It is estimated that the city will increase its budget by more than NT$40 million to cover the cost of the new subsidies.

Miaoli County’s Education Department said that most of the schools have adopted the approach of cutting the number of days they provide fruits from two days to one day per week.

. . . .

Chiayi County’s Education Department said that the county’s finances are strained, and it is hoping that the central government will foot the bill for the extra cost of using non-genetically modified food ingredients.

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