China will promote agricultural GMO technology, mandatory GMO labeling

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. . . [D]eputy director of China’s Central Rural Work Leading Group Office, Han Jun, emphasized that China will promote GMO technology with caution.

“The new round of agricultural scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution is underway. As a big country with a population of 1.3 billion, China should not lag behind in the field of agricultural biotechnology. Therefore, we put forward in the first policy document of this year that we should do more research on agricultural GMO technology.”

Han Jun said genetically modified products approved to enter the market can be considered as safe as traditional food.


However, he notes that supervision is still critical:

“Supervision is the most important. We must keep it under strict supervision in three fields: research and development tests, variety certification, and production and distribution. We must prevent those unapproved genetically modified seeds from entering the market illegally.”

As the public is still worried about genetically modified products, Han said apart from strict supervision, the government should also implement the requirements for the mandatory labeling of these products.

Han promised they will assure the public’s right to know about GMO products.


At present, the commercial cultivation of genetically modified cotton and papaya are allowed in China.

Genetically modified soybean, corn, cotton, sugarbeet and rape are allowed to import for processing.

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