Multiple studies, with and without conflicts of interest, find no glyphosate in breast milk

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The herbicide glyphosate does not show up in breast milk, according to findings from a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study, however, is weighted with conflicts of interest that include having three Monsanto employees as authors. The first two authors also have received grants from Monsanto, and the costs of the chemical analyses for the study were covered by Monsanto. This study is not, however, the only one reporting this outcome.

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While McGuire’s team found glyphosate in “nearly all” (39/41) of the urine samples, which makes sense because urine would be one obvious way for the body to get rid of it (poop is another), they found none in breast milk.

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. . . [A]nother German group analyzed 114 samples of breast milk for glyphosate content, using a similar approach as that used in the labs in McGuire et al. The method the latter researchers applied has a very low detection limit, and they reported finding no glyphosate in any of the 114 samples. In their paper, they declared having no conflicts of interest.

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A pair of researchers from Abbott Laboratories  also assessed glyphosate in a number of different sample types, including human breast milk and cow’s milk, and found none. . . .

In general, the consensus is that glyphosate wasn’t expected to bioaccumulate and end up in breast milk in the first place. This set of studies, some with their share of conflicts of interest and some apparently without, support that expectation with results from highly sensitive tests. Whatever else glyphosate does, it doesn’t seem to end up in milk, cow or human.

Read full, original post: Monsanto-Linked Study Finds No Monsanto-Linked Herbicide Glyphosate In Breast Milk

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