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Filipino farmers’ testimony blunts court’s attempt to block GMO farming

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The good news is that we appear to have dodged a big threat to our food security. The government just adopted new rules on genetically modified food that will allow farmers like me to continue our proven practices.

Nothing was inevitable after the Supreme Court’s order in December to stop issuing new permits for planting and importing GMOs—and the scuffle worries me about the future of GMOs not just in the Philippines, but in other developing nations as well.

I’ve grown GMO corn for more than a dozen years. . . Protected from pests, my yields went up, allowing me to sell more food. The quality of my corn improved, so I earned better prices. . .My use of pesticides and fungicides went down. . .

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. . . .

People who are new to GMOs often wonder about their safety. I tell them with full confidence that modern science has proven GMOs to be completely safe. . . .

GMO foods have generated only one bad effect: Lies from groups like Greenpeace, in the grip of a close-minded fervor.

. . . .

If angry protestors file a legal action and get a few judges to agree with them, they can endanger a safe and established method of food production, without regard to what it means for the livelihood of farmers or the availability of food for consumers.

. . . .. . . .We cried out in opposition to the trickery of Greenpeace and the ruling of the court—and in the end, our government heard us.

Read full, original post: Philippine Supreme Court GMO Ruling Shows Vulnerability But Offers Hope When Farmers Speak Up

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion, and analysis. Click the link above to read the full, original article.
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