Critiquing anti-biotech scientist Jonathan Latham’s ‘GMO Dangers’ claims

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. . . [T]his article entitled “GMO Dangers: The Facts You Need to Know”,. . . is the topic of today’s blog.

The article, written by Dr Jonathan Latham, starts by outlining . . . how his concerns about GMOs grew . . . as he realized the complexity of biological systems. . . . But that doesn’t mean that we should halt progress merely because nature is complex.

Dr Latham goes on to highlight that the risk assessment process. . . is flawed and that the data is often messy. . . . But . . . that GMOs are dangerous, particularly when compared to other crop breeding processes.


Dr Latham then starts outlining the science-based “Dangers of GMOs”. . . . Italicized phrases are from the article.

    1. “Bacillus thuringiensis is all but indistinguishable from . . .anthrax bacterium”. The only. . . reason this sentence could have been written is to create fear. A protein that is encoded for in a GM crop is not equivalent to the organism it came from. . . .
    2. “. . . Bt insecticides share structural similarities with ricin.” This is . . . a stupid argument. It’s like saying . . . mushrooms from the grocery store are dangerous because there are poisonous mushrooms out there.

Read full, original post: Review of “GMO Dangers: The Facts You Need to Know”

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