Cows fed GMO feed do not produce GMO butter

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Does your butter actually contain DNA from those GMO plants in the dairy’s feed?

Many cows . . .  are fed almost all GMO crops . . .

. . . .


So does that mean that if dairy cows eat the genetically-modified food, they produce genetically-modified dairy products?

Decoded Science had the opportunity to interview Mary Martin Nordness, MA, RD, LD, CHES, Director of Nutrition Affairs at the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association, Inc.

According to Nordness, “When cows eat GMO feed, the DNA proteins are broken down in the digestive process like any other protein. Any protein broken down from GMO feed is not distinguishable from that of conventional feed once it’s digested, therefore there is no difference in the milk.”

Decoded Science asked whether there is DNA present in the butter, and Nordness responded,


“There is cow DNA in milk, therefore it is also in the butter. That DNA is broken up during human digestion just as all other proteins. Cow’s DNA is not altered or impacted in any way by the consumption of GMO feed. . . .”

Read full, original post: Is Your Butter Really GMO? Food Scares vs. Reality

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