Demonizing corporations not effective way to change their practices

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. . . . People talk about “why Nestlé is evil” and they go on the “March Against Monsanto.”

These conversations are not about what the companies need to do differently. They are about how every right-thinking person should have nothing to do with that company. Ever.

If you are serious about wanting to see change . . . there are some . . . reasons why that’s not a great habit to get into.


1. You give up an achievable goal for an unachievable one

If you campaign for a company to change what it does. . . then you present them with a demand that they need to work out if they can meet. If you oppose the company, your proposition is that the company should simply go away and die. You leave it nowhere to go.

. . . .

. . . .There is no history whatsoever of anti-company campaigns successfully bringing those companies to bankruptcy. . . .


There is considerable history of companies, targeted for specific changes relating to practices that have a genuinely negative impact, changing those practices in response.

Read full, original post: Four reasons why you should never hate a company if you want to change the world

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