Do all brains interpret music the same way?

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Last night, as I was suffering through a performance of a Stravinsky symphony at Carnegie Hall (OK, Stravinsky fans — I don’t want to hear it. And no death threats either, please), I noticed that some people were sitting there in orgasmic bliss listening to what sounded to me a cross between cats in a dryer, and a hubcap recycling plant.

This got me wondering why I was counting the minutes (seconds?) until the piece was over, but will listen to the 35 minutes of Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto without even breathing, and never tire of Beethoven’s 6th (Pastoral) Symphony, or anything by Mozart. How can people react so differently to the same piece of music?

Much of it is obviously taste, but is there something more going on? Maybe so. It turns out that people hear music in very different ways.

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