Would Brexit benefit GMO prospects in UK?

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Ask almost any scientist involved with genetically modified (GM) crops and they will tell you that the EU is standing in the way of a perfectly safe technology with the potential to unleash an agricultural revolution. . . .

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. . . . [T]he European Union is so vehemently opposed to genetic crop engineering that it has only ever granted one licence to grow a GM crop commercially – an insect resistant strain of maize that is grown in small parts of Spain and Portugal. And that was 15 years ago.


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. . . [S]urely departing the EU would be good for the UK’s GM prospects? After all, the UK is at odds with much of Europe, in being strongly in favour of the technology. Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is a fairly resounding “No”. Even those most ardently in favour of GM technology . . . argue that Britain’s prospects outside the EU would be no better . . . For a start it would be unable to export any of the GM crops it grew into Europe, its biggest overseas customer.

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