Dolly the Sheep’s creator wants to create ‘biobank’ to preserve endangered animals

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A modern-day “ark” that holds tissues from endangered animals should be built as an insurance policy to save species from extinction, stated Sir Ian Wilmut, the creator of Dolly the Sheep.

When Dolly was born in 1996, many in the scientific community considered the feat impossible. Yet, Wilmut claims that stem cell research might be 20 years behind where it is today without this achievement. Today, he admitted that he had been “over-enthusiastic” about the speed at which stem cell therapies would help patients, but he insisted that scientists should press on with making a “library” of cells that are compatible with the immune systems of 90% of the population.

“In a few decades, there might be a cell line that’s suitable for every person in the world,” he said.


When asked about modifying human embryos, Wilmut responded: “If there’s a procedure that would enable you to either correct a disease or enhance somebody in some way, and approved within a broad context, then I would be in favour of it.”

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