Are GMOs better solution for feeding world’s poor than shipping them West’s surplus food?

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One of the most common anti-GMO arguments I’ve heard is that we already produce more than enough food to feed all the people on Earth, so this “greater good” talk is nonsense. Yes,. . . but most of this food is produced and consumed in the Western world. . . .

Then come the cries of, “If that’s the case, then we should just send all our extra food to poor countries!” Problem is, most people in impoverished regions rely on agriculture to make a living. When there’s a poor crop due to things like blight or natural factors, these people don’t make money. . . . If the solution is just to send “our food” over there, you’ve stripped millions of people who are already living in poverty of their livelihood.

Know what can solve some of these problems? GMOs. Many cash crops have been engineered to be resistant to crop-destroying viruses. . . Staple crops like rice are being engineered to eradicate vitamin deficiencies in children. . . .


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