NGO interference delaying Uganda’s GMO solution to Banana Wilt crisis

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Interview with Mr. Erostus Nsubuga, founder and chairman of Agro-Genetic Technologies, Inc. (AGT)

The banana is a very important part of the Ugandan diet. . . However, Banana Bacterial Wilt is devastating  banana crops across the country. . . We spoke with Mr. Nsubuga to learn how Uganda is dealing with this challenge. . .

. . . . Can you tell us . . .what is happening to address this issue? 


. . . . [S]cientists in Uganda have developed a genetically modified species that is resistant to [wilt]. However, at the moment, we have a regulatory problem.  We don’t have a bill in place to be able to commercialize it.

. . . [T]he draft bill . . . wasn’t passed because of interference from foreign NGOs . . . One NGO, in particular, has [been] falsely publicizing that genetically modified crops are causing increased incidences of cancer and impotence . . ., despite the fact that biotech crops aren’t . . . commercially available in Uganda.

. . . .

How do you feel about the debate around biotech crops?


. . . .I’m Ugandan. . . . So if you are going to discuss GMOs . . . don’t give me examples in the U.S. In the U.S. and Europe, you are discussing choice. In Uganda, people are dying. So lets not compare the two.

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