Video: Has anti-GMO movement become anti-science?


The anti-GMO movement is very popular. The ‘mob’ mentality has forced the sentiment into borderline threatening, especially where the GMO research community is concerned. This has coaxed many scientists in the field into undercover research lab locations and anonymously published work.

But is this distrust in its place or have the masses misinterpreted the pros and cons of genetic modification?

Kevin Folta, head of Horticultural Sciences at the University of Florida, believes that much of the aggression directed at GMOs is a result of poor communication and lack of transparency from the larger GMO producing companies that have become synonymous with the research.

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. . . .In the two decades since GMOs have been commercially available, a consistent distaste for the mere mention of genetic modification is as evident as ever.

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But what are the environmental implications of genetically modified organisms? Is the anti-GMO movement too judgmental or are their concerns in the right place? And finally, who can the consumer trust in the battle for or against GMOs?

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  • agscienceliterate

    Excellent video showing the technology, the fears, the hype, and the promise of GE foods.