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Video: How will CRISPR and other forms of gene editing revolutionize our world?

Video: How will CRISPR and other forms of gene editing revolutionize our world?

Sandra Gathmann | 
Gene editing has the potential to eliminate genetic diseases and save lives. But one scientist has crossed an ethical line ...
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Genetically modified ‘resurrection’ crops could help Africa deal with drought, climate change

Jill Farrant, Loes Witschge | 
[Jill] Farrant is the world's leading expert on plants which can "resurrect" from a desiccated state after they are rehydrated ...
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Crop biodiversity: ‘Under appreciated’ weapon in fight to end hunger

Kevin Pixley, Mohamed Bakarr | 
[Editor’s note: Mohamed Bakarr is Lead Environmental Specialist at the Global Environment Facility. Kevin Pixley is the Director of the ...
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Video: Has anti-GMO movement become anti-science?

The anti-GMO movement is very popular. The 'mob' mentality has forced the sentiment into borderline threatening, especially where the GMO ...
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Video: GMO Bt eggplants fetch higher prices in Bangladesh because of lower pesticide residues

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Bangladesh's decision to allow ...

African farmers confront climate change with genetically improved seeds

Edward Mabaya | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Less than 30 percent ...

New Sierra Leone Ebola case proves setback in effort to end epidemic

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis.  Health experts in Sierra ...
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GMOs: Science vs People? Al Jazeera’s TechKnow features Kevin Folta, July 13

Kevin Folta | 
Al Jazeera's TechKnow Investigates: Genetically Modified Foods Is it Science vs. People? Is your food safe? Meet the scientists pushing boundaries ...

Despite big spending, food industry not winning GM labeling debate

Tom Zeller | 
Despite two decades of assurances from biotechnology firms, food processors, federal regulators and even a substantial share of scientists that ...

Gene clusters responsible for schizophrenia and patients’ unique disease profiles

Renee Lewis | 
Schizophrenia is not a single disease caused by one gene, but rather a group of eight distinct genetic disorders — ...

Mexican surrogacy hospital accused of defrauding dozens of couples

Since 2006, the California-based medical tourism company had helped Americans with surrogacy and other medical practices in India. But when ...

Monsanto using biotech methods to speed up traditional breeding

Marita Davison | 
Say the term “genetically modified organism,” or GMO, and you’re bound to get some strong opinions. But what is it? And should ...

Plant geneticist Paul Gepts says polarized GM discussion endangers innovation

Paul Gepts | 
Whether you call them transgenic, genetically engineered or GMO crops, the fever-pitched debate about Monsanto misses the bigger picture by ...

DNA collection solve crimes, but damages privacy

Noreen Moustafa | 
In this week’s episode of “TechKnow,” we highlight the latest advances in forensic technology that are helping law enforcement agencies ...

Is 2014 the year of the thousand-dollar genome?

Meredith Kile | 
For this “TechKnow,” our contributors were given the option to test their genetics through a mail-order DNA kit from personal ...

Anti-GMO activists in Florida oppose GM mosquitoes to combat disease, rather risk dengue fever and pesticide use

Patricia Sagastume | 
(Summary) Residents in the Florida Keys oppose the release of a genetically modified mosquito that could reduce rates of dengue ...

New gene therapy births “designer baby” fears

Gavin O'Toole | 
The following is an excerpt. London, UK - Fertility regulators in the UK have paved the way for the introduction of ...
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Monsanto versus the people

Charlotte Silver | 
Exploiting their patent on transgenic corn, soybean and cotton, Monsanto asserts an insidious control of those agricultural industries in the ...
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Will Monsanto destroy Mexico’s corn?

Charlotte Silver | 
Aljazeera.comWill Monsanto destroy Mexico's corn?Aljazeera.comThose in the North fear the high costs and debts associated with transgenic corn, while the ...

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