Progressive political commentator: Jill Stein’s anti-science views extend to GMOs

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Green Party pandering for media attention has begun to take a more dangerous turn as Stein winks at dangerous conspiracy theories. Her comments in seeming support of the anti-vaccination fringe raise alarm, especially because she’s repeated variations of them in multiple settings.

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Recently, Stein went so far as to suggest wireless signals are bad for children’s brains and punctuated her reckless statement with this alarmist soundbite: “We make guinea pigs out of whole populations and then we discover how many die.”. . .

The stunning lack of medical and scientific literacy, from a seasoned medical professional who certainly knows better, continues in [Jill Stein’s] food policy. Her official platform states, “Label GMOs, and put a moratorium on GMOs and pesticides until they are proven safe.” This is absurd, as GMOs have been repeatedly found to be safe. There’s zero serious scientific debate on this point, because the evidence is in and results are clear. GMO crops could save hundreds of thousands of children’s lives in a single year. Stein is trying to stop their development to satisfy anti-science extremists.


The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post: Jill Stein’s Dangerous Anti-Science Campaign

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