Beyond BRCA: New, rare genes linked to breast cancer

default researchers identify two new genetic variants linked to increased breast cancer risk

Most women know about the BRCA 1 and 2 gene mutations and how they significantly increase a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer. But they probably haven’t heard of the rare genes PALB2 and ATM, which pose a similar risk….

A large global study led by researchers at the University of Melbourne and Cancer Council Victoria has confirmed these genes increase the risk of breast cancer.

About 55 to 65 [percent] of women who inherit the BRCA1 mutation and around 45 [percent] of women who inherit the BRCA2 mutation will develop breast cancer by the age of 70.


The findings…will lead to new genetic screening, counselling and clinical guidelines, they say.

Prof Southey…said a major challenge in cancer research is determining which genetic changes are connected to cancer risk.

“It’s only by screening the DNA of tens of thousands of people in different countries that we have gained a clearer picture of their significance in causing cancers,” said Prof Southey.


Prof Milne says the more they know about the different mutations, the closer they get to personalising treatments.

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