Unbreakable bones and four other bizarre human genetic mutations

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Strange genetic mutations often play into the storylines of Hollywood action films, but in reality…genetic mutations exist in the DNA of every person on Earth, and helped to shape humans into what we are today. Some mutations, however, are more striking and strange than others.

People with ectrodactyly, also known as a split-hand/split-foot malformation[,]…have a cleft where the middle finger or toe should be. This causes their hand or feet to take on a claw-like appearance. cleftfootAccording to io9, it’s caused by several genetic factors, including deletions, translocations, and inversions in chromosome 7.

Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 5, (LRP5) is one of the genes that controls your bone density. Some mutations to this gene can…drastically increase bone density and make bones nearly impossible to break.


[A]ltitude sickness occurs when you cannot get enough oxygen from the air at high altitudes…However, there is a genetic mutation found in cultures who have historically lived in high altitudes which makes the oxygen in their blood to be used highly efficiently, allowing them to live and work at altitudes of over 4000 metres with no ill effects….

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