Ethiopia to commercialize insect-resistant, GMO Bt cotton within two years

[Editor’s note: this article is a translation and has been lightly edited for clarity.]

Ethiopia is set to begin commercialization of biotechnologically developed cotton following the adoption of a law that granted experimentation rights both in labs and fields and the conduct of confined field trials of the BT cotton.

According to Endale Gebre (PhD), director of agricultural bio technology sector at the Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institute in the coming one or two years, Ethiopia will probably [release] the biotechnologically engineered cotton seed varieties to the market.

Endale further added that the confined field trail stage of the BT Cotton has now entered into the final stages, which will allow the cotton to be commercialized. The trail stage has been conducted for at least four years on four different sample varieties sourced from India and Sudan.

The outcomes of the field trial will determine [how greatly] bollworm insects affect the productivity of cotton plants. In addition to that [BT cotton is sought for its], high yields, less use of herbicides, water and other agricultural inputs.


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