Editorial: Boulder County rushed GMO ban without due diligence, broad farmer input

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[Editor’s note: In March, Boulder County, CO commissioners decided to ban cultivation of GMO crops on county-owned farmland. The following is an excerpt from an editorial from the local newspaper regarding the plan to phase out the crops.]

…[Boulder County] commissioners admit more research is needed to create a blueprint for their goal of “sustainable agriculture” in Boulder County’s semi-arid climate. Common sense would suggest the research come before the policy decisions….

. . . .

Commissioners Jones and Gardner talk about the evils of Roundup Ready crops based in part on the argument that widespread use of glyphosate… produces glyphosate-resistant weeds…. But that, according to multiple farmers, is not a problem in Boulder County due to the rotation of crops.

. . . .

This is just one illustration of the need for Boulder County-specific data. Jones has talked about contracting with the Rodale Institute, a Kutztown, Pa., nonprofit focused on organic farming, to bring various new techniques to Boulder County….

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“By what metrics has Rodale Institute, an eastern U.S. private nonprofit, non-accredited research entity, been identified as the potential partner in developing the transition plan? …” queried … a consortium of local farmers.

. . . .

So what could be the real reason to make a decision first and do the research later? Well, … the term-limited county commissioners in question would likely be out of office by the time the research was complete.

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post: Editorial: County farm policy requires unbiased research

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