Activists destroy conventional rapeseed (canola) fields in France, claiming they are GMOs

canola field
[Editor’s note: This excerpt was translated from the French by Google translate. It is lightly edited for clarity.]

Several dozen anti-GM activists destroyed two rapeseed fields near Dijon [on Nov. 27], considering these plants as genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

. . . .

“There are no more transgenic GMOs grown in France since the moratorium but there are still imports of transgenic plants and are now grown GMOs obtained by mutagenesis,” said [Annick. Bossu, a member of “voluntary reapers” the anti-GM group], specifying that they were “recognized as GMO by the European Directive 2001-18, but excluded from its scope.”

According to Bossu, “GMOs by mutagenesis are as dangerous as transgenic GMOs, the plant becomes a sponge with herbicides.”

[Editor’s note:  The targeted plots were growing a rapeseed variety developed to be tolerant to herbicides through mutagenesis, the process of provoking crop mutations using laboratory procedures. The process was developed in the 1930s. Seeds are bombarded with radiation or toxic chemicals to create random mutations that ultimately lead to new crops. They are considered conventional and can be sold as organic if they are grown following organic practices. There are more than 3000 plants developed through mutagenesis, many sold as organic, such as sweet Ruby Red grapefruits and most high-end Italian durum wheat used to make organic pasta.]

The Dijon Céréales scientific research and development director, Frédéric Imbert [said]
“Dijon Céréales respects the rules, we do not sell GMO and the plants in question are not classified GMO,” he told AFP.

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read the full length article translated by Google Translate: Côte-d’Or: anti-GM militants destroy rapeseed plots

Read full post in original French: Côte-d’Or: des militants anti-OGM détruisent des parcelles de colza

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