Is Boulder County’s GMO ban example of ‘fact-free,’ emotional regulation?

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[Editor’s note: Recently Boulder County, CO voted to phase out GMO crops on county-owned farmland. For more info, start here.]

The purpose of this article is to raise awareness … and to inspire a response from the broader agricultural community.  Boulder County, like Hawaii, is home to significant sentiment that modern farming genetics and inputs are somehow immoral, dangerous, and should be eliminated. Public hearings and subsequent decisions are founded on the pleas of passionate citizens, convinced that they are being systematically poisoned by farmers and seed companies.

Science does not matter. 

Facts do not matter.

Evidence does not matter.

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…Boulder County, Colorado is just one of several microcosms where concerned citizens are being manipulated by well-funded activist campaigns that manufacture fear. The goal is to affect policy, as is happening to these farmers.

The situation is best told by area farmer Fameur Rasmussen Jr.  … His Facebook post is a testament to the evidence-free decisions in agriculture foisted on farmers by those that know little about farming. Please take a few minutes and read it.  It is exquisite.

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Science is not a democracy.

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  • agscienceliterate

    I’ve been following this issue in your county for awhile. This is the paper on various cropping systems n the county, developed by county staff, which found that GE was far more sustainable than organic or conventional growing methods. The local elected officials ddn’t like that truth, tried to keep the report from being released, and local farmers filed an open records request to get it. Despite that evidence from their own staff, the local elected officials (2 out of 3) voted to ban GE crops.