Endocrine disrupting chemicals: Is ‘industry’ or activists twisting the truth about alleged dangers?

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On November 29, an op-ed article published in Le Monde, co-signed by 94 scientists, [made] numerous allegations, most prominent among them that industry is “manufacturing doubt” about the science on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).  But as anyone who has followed the issue of endocrine disruptors knows, it is highly controversial….

Allegation #1 — The petrochemical and agro-chemical industries…intentionally distort the science to manufacture doubt about purported EDCs.

This is a very serious allegation, and you would think the authors would cite at least one example to support it.  But in fact they don’t.  Not one scintilla of evidence is provided, which makes defense against it either very easy or difficult….

Allegation #2 — The petrochemical and agro-chemical industries deny the science on climate change and oppose international efforts to address it.

This allegation is completely false, and is easily refutable.

Allegation #3 — “The European Commission is about to implement the first regulation for endocrine disruptors in the world…[R]egulations for these chemicals are missing altogether.”

The co-signatories…continue to perpetuate a myth that the EU is the only government body that is regulating chemicals that are endocrine active.  The truth is that these chemicals have been and continue to be regulated by a variety of means by government agencies around the world.


The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion, and analysis. Read full, original post: But, Who’s Really Manipulating The Science On Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals?

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