Greenpeace’s ‘populist’ anti-GMO campaign is ‘post-truth’

[Editor’s Note: This excerpt was translated into English by Google Translate and lightly edited for clarity.]

This year the Foundation of Urgent Spanish (Fundeu) has chosen “populism” as the word of the year. [Environmentalists’ anti-GMO policy] could be described as populist, but in the worst meaning of the term, the one that connects it with demagogy. Not for nothing other candidate words have been “cuñadismo” (pretend to know everything and want to impose your opinion) and post-truth  (that objective data are less important than your vision). It seems that this year Fundeu has been inspired by the Greenpeace transgenics campaign, since “populism” and many of the finalists can be used to define it. …

…[T]he tactics they have used GMO in these 20 years is to ignore reality and convey a message that is absolutely false…. You can see all the figures here, the GMO industry is transparent like few others. You will see that if we consider the global acreage of the last 20 years, the area planted this year is the third highest. Looking at it as a whole the trend is still bullish.  So the only ones who have the power to dictate the end of GMOs are not Greenpeace … but farmers. …  And I have predicted that GMOs will only leave the field when better varieties appear, possibly using CRISPR /Cas9.

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full post translated into English by Google Translate: Greenpeace, transgenics and after truth

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Read full post in original Spanish: Greenpeace, transgénicos y posverdad

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