Hawaii state experts challenge anti-GMO myth: Pesticide threats not from farming but homes

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The anti-GMO movement has succesfully established this false narrative: Seed companies in Hawaii are using unprecedented quantities of pesticides in a largely unregulated, wantonly reckless manner that is poisoning the keiki.

Kekaha residen Malia chun used her children to help advance these falsehoods. As the Natural Society website proclaimed:

She flew all the way to Switzerland to attend Syngenta’s board meeting to draw attention to the fact that corporations like theirs are poisoning her children. Recent tests revealed that one of her daughters was riddled with 36 different pesticides – the shocking discovery was found from taking a simple hair sample to a lab.

The hair sample was accepted by many as gospel — “proof” that kids are being poisoned by seed company pesticides.

Science reporter Jan TenBruggencate…published his findings on his Raising Islands blog:

The hair study–to the degree that it has value–confirms what the National Pesticides Information Center, and the EPA, and American Academy of Pediatrics have found—that the most serious pesticide threat to children is found in and around their homes.

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This is borne out by the state Department of Agriculture assessment of school evacuations, which determined that not one of the 16 incidents reported between 2006 and 2014 was caused by seed company pesticides. Ten were caused by homeowners.

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  • Martin Greenleaf

    Make this article worthwhile and post the list of found pesticides VS the ones actually used by the seed company.

    • Wind Chapman

      The links to the information are in the text. The blue words, you just click on them.