Did Cargill ruin its reputation with scientists, farmers with one #NonGMO tweet?

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[Read the GLP profile of the Non-GMO project here.]

Reputations are a funny thing. It takes years to build them but mere seconds to destroy them.

Cargill, a company that provides all manner of agricultural products and services, has managed to ruin its reputation with farmers and science writers in a single tweet. On March 17, the company announced its partnership with the thoroughly wretched Non-GMO Project*, an anti-biotech organization that sticks a goofy “non-GMO verified” label on everything from water to kitty litter.

Here’s the tweet:


And the floodgates swung open wide. The backlash was swift, brutal, and effective.





cargill cargill cargill

In full-blown damage control, the company’s Twitter page has been rather busy. It rushed out a statement that said that the company didn’t agree with what the Non-GMO Project stands for, but partnered with them anyway because consumers wanted it. In other words, they admitted that it was about money, not science.

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That didn’t go over well.

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Time will tell if insulting some of their biggest customers and business partners is a sound strategy for Cargill.

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