Chipotle fumbles science in attempt to justify its anti-GMO stance

| | April 6, 2017

[Editor's note: Stephan Neidenbach is a middle school teacher and blogger. He runs the popular We Loves GMO and Vaccines Facebook page.]

Much has been written on Chipotle’s decision to remove ingredients from their menu that originated from biotech crops (GMOs). In the end of course this is their business, and they certainly have the right to cater to any faith based diet they see fit. The problem that arises in their attempt to explain themselves is that they are essentially telling people not to eat at their own restaurants.

Biotech crops are simply the most studied food in all of human history. There are countless studies confirming their safety, and many of them are from independent scientists. Biofortified keeps a large database of them here.

What Chipotle fails to realize is that no farmer is going to just let milkweed grow and kill their crops. Glyphosate kills milkweed. Imazamox kills milkweed. Organic herbicides kill milkweed. Hand pulling and flame weeding kill milkweed. Pesticide use in the United States has remained level over the past two decades even while yield has skyrocketed.

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  • Alokin

    As a person with an interest in food safety, it is worth noting that Steve Ells’ commitment to marketing and ideology over science has literally made people sick, while there is no evidence that any GMO ever has.

  • CumExApostolatus

    Mr. Neidenbach states: “Biotech crops are simply the most studied food in all of human history.”
    I’m sure Mr. Neidenbach would agree that ‘all of human history’ is a very, very, very long time.
    Which list of studies, from ‘all of human history,’ of non biotech foods would Neidenbach cite as evidence that biotech studies are indeed the most studied in ‘all of human history’?

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