10 traits we share with ancient Neanderthals

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While Neanderthals are long-extinct (and possibly a subspecies of modern humans), archaeology is proving that they had a lot in common with people today.

10. Their Cognition Included Symbols

Scientists in Crimea found an interesting article at the Zaskalnaya VI site, once a Neanderthal haunt, in 2017. A small bone belonging to a raven appeared to have been decorated. While not an elaborate carving, two notches nevertheless caught researchers’ attention…Finding altered bones at Neanderthal sites is nothing new…The Zaskalnaya bone is the first, however, to indicate that Neanderthals included symbolic patterns in their carvings.


7. Their Homes Had Hot Water

[Researchers are certain] that some Neanderthal caves probably had artificially heated water sources. A 60,000-year-old cave in Barcelona, Spain, had…a hole found near the hearths in 2015. Archaeologists believe the feature was an aid to give the community hot water….

3. Toys For Their Kids


Educational toys appeared to have been a thing in Neanderthal society. The discovery of what appear to be several toy axes is adding to a growing body of evidence that Neanderthal families existed as close groups in which members cared for each other.

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