Bombing of Monsanto’s Italian research facility highlights how anti-GMO rhetoric inspires terrorists

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Based on the reports, an individual threw Molotov cocktails at a Monsanto research facility in Italy over the Easter Weekend,  the facility which started a fire that ravaged the cold storage room. The room, which usually holds seed samples, was largely empty because the seeds had been planted into field trials. … Ironically, the attack seemed to be based on a resistance to genetic engineering, even though the particular research center was working strictly on traditional and hybrid corn varieties, not GMOs.

… The only mark left by the bomber was graffiti that read: “Bayer criminal marriage. No GMO.”

We’re used to seeing the anti-GMO and anti-Monsanto rhetoric as more of a marketing ploy from companies seeking to sell a few extra products. It usually comes in the form of food labels. …

But some marketing and messaging has gone much, much farther.

We have also seen the anti-GMO, anti-conventional farming rhetoric take a more dangerous turn. Think about Only Organic’s video entitled “New McDonald.” The video’s premise was a children’s play about Old McDonald, a conventional farmer that was spraying all sorts of toxic pesticides on his crops.

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This video was hardly the only propaganda that we’ve seen recently.  Take a look at March Against Monsanto, the Organic Consumer’s Association, or Natural News’ social media websites and you’ll find a plethora of things selling the same message. The message is clear and on repeat: Monsanto/conventional farmers/government/big agriculture is trying to hurt you and your family. These things are a danger to our society and we need to stop them.

So, why are we so surprised when a research facility is bombed? When fields are lit on fire? When marketing messages turn into actual violence?

Words matter. Marketing matters. Messaging matters.

We need to stop pretending it doesn’t, and recognize the dangerous rhetoric these activist organizations are spewing.

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