Biologist claims 'trauma' of Trump presidency could trigger 'huge evolutionary change'

| | June 13, 2017

A taxpayer-funded professor at the University of Washington is now predicting that Donald Trump’s presidency will create trauma on such a massive scale that it will permanently change the human genome.


The professor, Peter Ward, who works in the University of Washington’s earth and space sciences department, first explains his view that the U.S. military will use genetics to create mutant freak “super-soldiers” who don’t “need to drink as much water,” don’t “need to eat for five or six days” and don’t “need to sleep.”


“We’re finding more and more that, for instance, people who have gone through combat, or women who have been abused — when you have these horrendous episodes in life, it causes permanent change, which is then passed on to your kids,” Ward writes. “These are actual genetic shifts that are taking place within people.”

These individual genetic changes add up to trigger “huge evolutionary change.”

“On a larger scale, the amount of stress that Americans are going through now, because of Trump — there is going to be an evolutionary consequence,” Ward explains.

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  • Roy Williams

    The ultimate in extrapolating some findings from the lab bench beyond any bounds of reasonable thought. Outliers of this sort should not be reported in the public arena until confirmed by multiple publications. As it is, this becomes one more piece of “fake news” to generate hysteria. Please don’t give this sort of one-off “research” any voice- it just further undermines public confidence in “science”.

  • Jeremy Stubley

    sounds a bit far fetched, populations the world over are experiencing far greater trauma, this kind of stuff belittles real trauma imo.

  • LLM

    If there is anything in this (which I doubt), the snowflakes will have done it to themselves – and their progeny. Calm down, think for yourselves, and don’t believe everything politicians and the media tell you.

    • Craig


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