Opinion: Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio and foodie movement push expensive, counterproductive farm policies


Tom Colicchio wants every child to taste an apple by the age of three. That’s just one of the many odd comments the celebrity chef and restauranteur makes in a new video for his liberal political action committee (PAC), Food Policy Action. Over the past several years, Colicchio has worked really hard to position himself as a political mover-and-shaker.

He has testified on Capitol Hill for mandatory genetically modified food labels and against any cuts to subsidized school meals.

What’s galling about Colicchio is he professes to be a champion of affordable-food-for-all but pushes ideas that will raise the price of food, limit consumer choice, and prevent farmers from using technologies like genetic engineering that boost crop yields. For example, Colicchio is demanding federal funding for organic agriculture in the Farm Bill….

This is not only a bad idea but contradictory to Colicchio’s professed goals. Organic food is more expensive. Organic food is not healthier or more nutritious. And there are reasons American farmers refuse to grow organic crops (only about 1 percent of U.S. farmland is dedicated to organic crops): it’s more labor-intensive, time-consuming, and produces lower yields.

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  • Frank Sin

    The trouble of celebrity chefs is they think too highly of themselves.