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Why ‘beauty’ is an evolutionary conundrum that even Darwin couldn’t solve

Glenn Stanton | 
The genius of evolution is its brutal pragmatism; do whatever is needed to pass your genes onto the next generation ...
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Viewpoint: Coronavirus pandemic has alerted consumers to the ‘silliness’ of organic food marketing

Julie Gunlock | 
Remember when buying those “non-toxic” cleaning supplies made you feel like you were being a good person? Yeah, those were ...

Viewpoint: Ironically named ‘Saving America’s Pollinators Act’ would harm bees, hinder sustainable farming

Henry Miller | 
Some old ideas for bad laws are endlessly recycled. Take the case of the Saving America’s Pollinators Act, a nearly six-year-old ...
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US Department of Health and Human Services states life begins at conception

Harvest Prude | 
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) just released their 2018-2022 plan, which unequivocally states that life begins at ...
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Viewpoint: Conventional farmers take better care of soil health than media portrays

Amanda Zaluckyj | 
[Editor’s Note: Amanda Zaluckyj is a practicing attorney and farmer's daughter who shares her family's story at The Farmer's Daughter ...
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Markets—not morals—prompt former GMO executives move to anti-biotechnology labs

Julie Gunlock | 
[Editor’s note: Julie Gunlock is a book author and senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum and directs the organization’s ...
Screen Shot at PM

Opinion: Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio and foodie movement push expensive, counterproductive farm policies

Julie Kelly | 
Tom Colicchio wants every child to taste an apple by the age of three. That’s just one of the many ...
Screen Shot at AM

Eugenics was once favored tool of progressives to remove ‘bad genes’ from society

Kyle Sammin | 
Most people close their eyes to unpleasantness in their past. Political movements do the same thing on a grander scale ...
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Are GMOs our best chance at stopping spread of Zika?

Josiah Neeley | 
The Zika virus is scary.... Worries about Zika are already being used as cudgels in the culture wars. Religious conservatives have ...

Technology-based agriculture in Africa could lower carbon pollution as farming expands

Hank Campbell | 
Hank Campbell, editor of Science 2.0, summarizes a new study that looks at land use and carbon footprint for agriculture in ...
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