Food Evolution movie changing people’s minds about GMOs in Australia

Audience members at the ANU screening expressed their view on GMs before and after viewing Food Evolution.

Food for thought and central to [Food Evolution’s] central theme of changing peoples’ minds and choosing facts over emotional logic is the use of a well-known quote attributed to Mark Twain, in the introduction, ‘It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled’.

[Movie director Scott Hamilton Kennedy] said a key lesson he took away from making the film was about the power of confirmation bias, or the way anti-GM proponents ignored scientific evidence in order to maintain their opposing views.

“The extent of peoples’ confirmation bias and seeing the world the way they want to see it – and seeing it from within our bubbles as we tend to say in this day and age – it’s just so strong,” [he told the Australian National University audience].

“I learned about confirmation bias in the making of the film and it was very revealing to look at my own confirmation bias and really see it in others.

“Facts don’t persuade as they say, but it’s amazing how you can present somebody with evidence that goes counter to their world view and even if it’s supported by, as we know with GMO, thousands of scientific organisations, that doesn’t mean they’ll change their mind.

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