Viewpoint: Glyphosate herbicide’s ‘tough year’ could get much worse


Monsanto’s flagship weed killer, Roundup, has had a tough year. And it could get worse.

With Roundup at the center of a federal case in the United States over claims that it causes cancer, European Union officials … weigh whether to allow the continued use of products that contain Roundup’s active ingredient, glyphosate, in its 28 nations.

Because Europe makes such decisions the way Americans vote for president — with a weighted vote among its member states — the outcome is tricky to predict.

A final decision, already long delayed, is not expected until later this year. France and Italy have indicated they will oppose the reauthorization, while Germany’s position remains unclear. A range of outcomes are possible, including phasing out Roundup and similar products entirely or limiting the length of their reapproval.

While Roundup still enjoys broad support among farmers and a number of European governments, sentiment against its maker is at a low point in Europe, with a petition campaign against glyphosate reportedly surpassing one million signatures.

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