Viewpoint: Why the ‘right to know’ argument for GMO labeling is nonsense

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The USDA is set to review GMO labeling again. Apparently, the idea is to put QR codes on foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients so consumers can know and choose what to buy based on the information from these codes.

But this is nonsense. Although foods already contain numerous labels, a vast majority of them are misleading, wrong, or just a marketing tool to sell something. The GMO label would add to confusion and give food companies one more way to mislead people for profit.

What are we fighting for? A right to know? A right to know what? As I always say, a right to know requires the responsibility to learn. And how come people don’t care to know if their food was grown in manure? Is that “gross” or “icky?” (Sorry not sorry vegans: Your food is grown with the byproducts of poop from farm animals.) No, it isn’t gross and our food is generally very safe.

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This is about money. Nothing more, nothing less.

Food companies need to stop using misleading language or downright lies to sell food products.

Read full, original post: Farm Babe: GMO labeling: An opportunity for consumer education or … ?

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