‘Well Fed’: Dutch documentary challenges rich countries’ anti-GMO views

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A trip to Bangladesh with your friends might be a great idea, but that won’t be possible for everyone. But you can certainly sit with them and watch this film about how a pair of Dutch urbanites examine the issues surrounding GMOs.

The film is free to watch on Vimeo, and will take just an hour of your time.

The tale begins with an exploration of the objections that many well-fed Westerners have about genetically engineered foods. About how unnatural it is to mess with the genes in plants — and Hidde Boersma asks his friend if he’s ever seen a broccoli in the forest. That’s just one of the clever ways that Hidde (who has science training) illustrates some of the scientific concepts around the modifications of the foods we think of as “natural”.


The film does an excellent job of walking through the dubious objections and claims by the “Well Fed” about GMOs and illustrating why spreading them actually harms people who could benefit from biotechnology.

Two green thumbs up.

Read full, original post: How to convince your “Well Fed” friends about GMO benefits

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